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Empower Peace Nov. 10. Participate!

Ran across this in my email a few times. Looks like something you should do!!!! Perfect for Broadcast Clubs and World Issues Classes. Project “Empower Peace” has been connecting high school youth in the United States with their contemporaries in … Continue reading

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High School Graphics Arts Programs

On Monday I talked to our Graphic Arts CTE (Career Technical Education) program teachers. We brainstormed some possibilities for their classes. Here’s what we came up with. Animation: Not Just for Saturday Morning, from the Museum of TV & Radio. … Continue reading

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A Receptionist Via VC?

Quoted by Ian Jukes in his blog, A Pakistani company, The Resource Group, seeking more call-center work from U.S. firms, set up an office this year in Washington, D.C., a block from the White House, and installed a receptionist, live … Continue reading

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One-on-One with Teachers

Today I met with our Career Technical Education (CTE) teacher advisory groups from around the county. They were participating in a professional development day and had an hour to work in groups. I floated from group to group to talk … Continue reading

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Balancing the Federal Budget

This morning Coloma High School students are balancing the federal budget! Actually they are participating in Exercise in Hard Choices, a simulation that helps students understand the federal budget process. We’re connected with the University of Akron, Ohio, who is … Continue reading

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Planning Global VCs

My most recent article in the MACUL Journal is now available online. If you want to start doing global videoconferencing, read Global Videoconferencing will Catch Their Attention [PDF]. Enjoy!

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Nobody Likes Me: Bats

This morning we have a Kindergarten class from Hollywood Elementary connecting to the Cincinnati Zoo to learn about bats. Ken was kind enough to tailor his Nobody Likes Me session to just the bats part of the program. It’s so … Continue reading

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