Top Ten Reasons a VC Gets Cancelled

I’ve been working on this list for a while. What do you think are the top reasons a videoconference gets cancelled? Here’s my top ten list.

10. The teacher didn’t feel like doing the program. This one is pretty frustrating for a coordinator, but often if you investigate and encourage, you can talk them back into doing the program. Sometimes it just takes a bit of hand-holding and encouraging words.

9. A fire at the content provider’s side. Yes, it did happen. Feb. 28, 2006! Mt. Rushmore had a fire in the park!

8. The teacher was called up for jury duty. This seems to happen most during Read Across America. I wonder why that is? Probably because they sign up so far in advance! Rescheduling usually solves this one.

7. The teacher had a family emergency. Sometimes if the teacher is experienced with VC she can have the students do the program on their own with the sub.

6. The bus didn’t show up to get the kids. This one is really frustrating. But now that we’re moving to having equipment in the buildings, this is less of a problem.

5. Someone messed up on timezones. Been there. Done that. Just last week! And before that too. Oops! is your friend!

4. School scheduled events that weren’t on the calendar when the program was scheduled. What can you do about that? Sometimes it’s testing, PD days, whatever. Hopefully rescheduling works.

3. Equipment and/or network changes that disable the codec. Argh! Someone changed the network without telling us! Disabling ISDN. Changing the firewall settings. Moving a cable or two. Etc.

2. The teacher had a health emergency. This one you definitely want to be patient and flexible with if at all possible. Some events you can’t reschedule though. Then maybe another class from the school can do it?

1. Weather. Snow days. Ice days. How many Read Across America connections have rescheduled due to snow & ice days??!!! Too many to count.

But all these reasons are outweighed by thrilled, learning, engaged students for every connection that works, right?! Think of that the next time a connection doesn’t happen!

About Janine Lim

Janine Lim, PhD, currently serves as associate dean for online higher education in the School of Distance Education at Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, MI. She and her team support over 200 online courses, provide training for faculty teaching online, and work with the campus infrastructure support of online learning. Her department also provides educational technology and Moodle support for faculty and students. In addition, Janine is responsible for the faculty and courses of the Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities. Janine has taught over 15 unique graduate educational technology classes online numerous times over the past 15 years, with some classes attracting participants from all over the world. Her undergraduate teaching includes social media courses for communication and digital media majors. Janine has served on the board of the United States Distance Learning Association since April 2015. Prior to her work at Andrews University, Janine coordinated distance education for 22 K12 school districts in southwest Michigan for 14 years. In that position, as one of the co-founders of TWICE, Michigan’s K12 Videoconferencing Organization, Janine has spearheaded popular international K12 videoconference projects such as Read Around the Planet and MysteryQuest. While still serving on the board of TWICE, she was instrumental in designing and implementing the CAPspace website for collaborative videoconference projects. Janine also served on a team of Michigan educational technology trainers providing a workshop called ATA Technology Academy. Her current online learning research interests include successful teacher behaviors, quality online discussions, and student activity patterns in self-paced courses.
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