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Snippets of Jazz Day 1 & 2

Another week of Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing. I have 4 high school people and 3 elementary people this week from 5 of my districts. Roxanne is blogging it in detail so far, so I thought I’d give you … Continue reading

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New Projects on the Wiki

Getting ready for another session of “Jazz” next week. So I just finished posted the group projects from the June Jazz session on the Collaborative VCs wiki. Check them out! We had a small group in June, so only four … Continue reading

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Managing Bandwidth

Recently someone asked me for suggestions on how to set up videoconferencing “so that we do not tie up our school’s T1 line.” This is certainly a challenge and we all wish for more bandwidth. But when you don’t have … Continue reading

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Polycom Grant Assistance Program Blog

Here’s an interesting new tool. Polycom has a blog for their Grant Assistance Program. It includes links to webinars for various videoconferencing sectors and finding funding in that area; upcoming grant deadlines; and links to grant sites. There are only … Continue reading

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First Experience with iChat

So I’m admittedly biased to H.323 videoconferencing and all the experiences that come with it. However this morning I had my first experience trying out iChat on my new MacBook Pro. I connected with Sue Porter who is on vacation … Continue reading

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Going Global: The Complexities of Fostering Intercultural Understanding

Lee, M. M. (2004). Going global: The complexities of fostering intercultural understanding in a rural school using videoconferencing technology. Unpublished Ph.D., Indiana University, Indianapolis. Author: Mimi Miyoung Lee Title of article: “Going Global”: The Complexities of Fostering Intercultural Understanding in … Continue reading

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Two More Green VC Factoids

Can you tell I’m cleaning out my email today? Lots of little tidbits to share. These two are from the July 12 Wainhouse Research Bulletin. The Live Earth concerts, which recently aired in support of global warming awareness, featured short … Continue reading

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VC is Green

Have you thought about how using videoconferencing for meetings instead of driving makes a positive impact on the environment? TANDBERG has just released a website called SeeGreenNow that lets you calculate your carbon footprint from travel, take a quiz to … Continue reading

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Cleveland Zoo Going Mobile

Many of us enjoy the free programs from the Cleveland Zoo. Here’s an article from Government Video, June 25, that has a nice overview of how they upgraded their system to present from exhibits instead of just the classroom. It … Continue reading

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What Called You Into Teaching?

As part of my Leadership studies, I’ve been reading a book called Leadership and the New Science. It’s a book that will blow your mind! Seriously, if you want a paradigm change, add this to your summer reading. Here’s a … Continue reading

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