Great Facilitation Skills from GNG

As part of the Jazz workshop today, we connected to Global Nomads Group for a simulation of their Pulse programs.  As our participants interacted, the facilitators chatted in Skype about the good facilitation skills that Chris modeled during the program.  Here are some of the things we noticed:

  • Asking a question of all the sites, reminding them of the question when calling on the next site, and allowing everyone to comment on the previous comments.
  • He takes notes on which sites have talked to make sure the conversation goes between all the sites.
  • The facilitator compliments all comments.
  • He summarizes and reinforces the points from the various sites.
  • He pulls out the agreement amongst all the sites.
  • He modeled good listening skills by leaning in and nodding as the participants talked.

Sometimes you don’t realize you’re experiencing good facilitation until you step back and watch the process.

By the way, GNG’s schedule is up online now with their fall programs!


About Janine Lim

Janine Lim is an Instructional Technology Consultant at the Berrien Regional Education Service Agency in Berrien Springs, MI. Her main focus is on distance learning via videoconferencing and online learning. She also trains teachers in technology integration in the classroom and maintains the SouthwestNet Distance Learning web site. Janine is a past President of TWICE, a Michigan K12 videoconferencing organization, and maintains the TWICE website. She is also the TWICE Read Around the Planet Verification Coordinator for 2007. She also writes a regular column for the MACUL newsletter and was a member of the MACUL board of directors 2001-2003.
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  1. Janine, that is a great summary of what I was noticing during the interactions. One more comment from our group was since this was voice activated and when Chris was talking to a site, it was as if we were one-on-one with him.

    I know that they limit the sites to fewer than what we had today, but this was an amazingly powerful learning experience for our group here.

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