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GDS Dialing Journey

What is GDS? Last year about this time, we started working on getting on the Global Dialing Scheme. GDS is basically a gatekeeper neighboring structure that allows endpoints to register to their local gatekeeper. Their local gatekeeper is then connected … Continue reading

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Math Mania Reflection

Here’s another reflection from Deb Kraska, Eagle Lake Elementary, teacher/videoconference coordinator at another of my high-use videoconference schools. Deb just finished the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections class. This is her reflection on how her Math Mania project went. (Actually it’s on … Continue reading

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Mass Collaborations between Two Schools

This afternoon I had a chat with one of my videoconference coordinators, Linda Johnson, coordinator for Mars Elementary, Berrien Springs. Mars is a K-2 building with 25 teachers. Last year was their first year with videoconferencing, and they did 44 … Continue reading

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Spreading the labor around

As the use of videoconferencing increases in schools, the challenge of supporting the videoconferences also grows larger. Here’s a comment from one of my media specialists (finishing up the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections online class). I am a media specialist and … Continue reading

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Scheduling issues aren’t just with the VC equipment & the far site

My Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections class is just winding up. One of the side conversations that popped up during the discussion was as follows. Both of these schools have a room for the videoconference cart. Both videoconference coordinators are full time … Continue reading

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Adventures in Writing with Janie P.

This morning while the Thankgiving program was going on, one of my schools connected directly with author Janie Panagopoulos for her Adventures in Writing program. Janie is set up with videoconferencing in her home now; and she is very experienced … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Exchange

This morning Mars Elementary (K) is connected to Riesel Elementary (2nd grade), TX for a Thanksgiving exchange. This project is a result of the Mini-Jazz training that Roxanne and I offered together in September. After introductions, the students shared turkey … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: Accurate Names on Endpoints

Here’s a little thing that sometimes drives me crazy. Especially when I’m bridging a more than one event at a time. When an endpoint outside my network dials into my bridge (Tandberg MPS MCU), the bridge displays the H323 name … Continue reading

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ASK Specialist: Monkey Island

This morning we have an ASK program in celebration of National Homeless Awareness Week. Students have read the book Monkey Island, and followed the ASK process. They are interviewing a panel of experts who work with the homeless or precariously … Continue reading

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National Distance Learning Week Awards

Last post from the CILC Symposium 2007. Yesterday, November 13, at the luncheon, the NDLW awards were given out. I was glad that some of my favorite people won – COSI Columbus, and the AT&T Videoconferencing website (which started so … Continue reading

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