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Is Synchronous Distance Learning Worth the Trouble?

Roxanne’s post on the Face Time article in THE Journal reminded me that I wanted to blog about it. The article covers collaborative videoconferences such as Read Around the Planet and Monster Match, as well as the new Collaborations Around … Continue reading

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Listening to High School Teachers

This evening I did an ASK workshop for my local teachers. I had two high school English teachers in attendance. They’ve come to other workshops on videoconferencing. One of them has done a couple ASK programs; the other wants to … Continue reading

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MysteryQuest World Geography

It’s time to sign up for MysteryQuest World Geography. I have less openings this year, so hurry! If you want to see examples of past MysteryQuest presentations, browse through the MysteryQuest category on my blog. Hope you can join us … Continue reading

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Videoconference Jokes

When I used to teach Word, Excel, email, etc. workshops, I had a PowerPoint of technology jokes that I’d run before the session started. I’ve wished for a while that I had a set of videoconference jokes to do the … Continue reading

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Blogging Survey

Are you an educational blogger? Complete the following survey.

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Short on Bandwidth? Problem or Dilemma?

Do any of your schools struggle with managing bandwidth so that videoconferences can happen? Mine do. I was reading Doug Johnson’s blog, and realized that his post Problem or Dilemma may assist with this issue: [Dilemmas are] conditions that can … Continue reading

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It’s all in the hat!

This afternoon I called one of my schools that hadn’t signed up yet for RAP and I thought they should have. The media specialist had a teacher staff meeting focusing on tech planned for this evening. She hadn’t asked me … Continue reading

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