Thoughts on the Lit Review Process

As you may notice, I’ve been reading like crazy over my Christmas break. I’m taking a class this semester that requires a literature review, among other things. I intend to keep reading like this in the evenings over the next couple months. I have collected over 200 references on videoconferencing, and intend to read and share them as I have been doing.

I know that some of you, my blog readers, will skip these due to lack of time. And I totally understand! But for those of you who do read them, I am very interested in your comments, questions, thoughts. Please comment, if you have time and interest.

You might be wondering, why do it at all? Roxanne sent me this link a while ago: My Blog, My Outboard Brain. This really vibed with me. I think of my blog as a place to keep, organize and sort knowledge, particularly knowledge about videoconferencing. It’s a place to keep answers to questions I often receive. Since I have to read these research studies and take notes on them, I may as well write them up for you too. And here they are in a searchable database and I can easily link other knowledge and references as well (i.e. note the links in this example).

So I invite you to join in the process, or just skip past them. Whatever works for you. Here’s to new learning in a new year!


About Janine Lim

Janine Lim is an Instructional Technology Consultant at the Berrien Regional Education Service Agency in Berrien Springs, MI. Her main focus is on distance learning via videoconferencing and online learning. She also trains teachers in technology integration in the classroom and maintains the SouthwestNet Distance Learning web site. Janine is a past President of TWICE, a Michigan K12 videoconferencing organization, and maintains the TWICE website. She is also the TWICE Read Around the Planet Verification Coordinator for 2007. She also writes a regular column for the MACUL newsletter and was a member of the MACUL board of directors 2001-2003.
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