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Survey Status: Need 100 More!

Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to either take my research survey or forward/promote it with your local videoconference coordinators/site managers. We’re up to 290 responses now. I need 100 more responses! I know the end … Continue reading

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Repeat Teachers

Are you starting to see teachers who are doing more than one videoconference in a year? It’s not just a novelty one time thing? They are doing a bunch! For example…. I have a kindergarten teacher who has done 10 … Continue reading

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K12 VC Learning Theory

I like to see what search terms people type in that get to my blog. Often I learn about new resources and tools that way. For example, someone found my blog with the search “k12 videoconference learning theory” so I … Continue reading

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Model Classroom Includes VC

In catching up on my favorite edublogger posts tonight, I ran across this post from Doug Johnson: Classroom technology infrastructure: what’s needed? The description includes many necessary classroom tools, but I was especially happy to see that he’s also thinking … Continue reading

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Pro Football Hall of Fame

I’ve muttered before about the lack of good options for high school teachers for videoconferences. But today I have a quick report from a teacher who did the Careers in the NFL program from the Pro Football Hall of Fame … Continue reading

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Another Perspective on Curriculum Videoconferencing

Thanks to Google Alerts, I ran across this blog post: Thanks to this month’s EDTECH Magazine, I learned a new term today. “Curriculum Videoconferencing.” I love the way it rolls off the tongue. “Curriculum Videoconferencing.” I love the fact that … Continue reading

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VC Promotes Better Speaking Skills

Well, I’m done with MysteryQuest USA for the year, and the last ASK programs are finished as well. One thing that I’ve noticed is that videoconferencing really does promote/encourage/require/give practice for speaking skills. When students share a clue in MysteryQuest, … Continue reading

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ASK: The Wall

Today we had 11 classes from Michigan, New York and Texas interview a panel of our Vietnam Veterans as part of the ASK program. Students had read the books The Wall and Patrol, and prepared questions ahead of time. We’ve … Continue reading

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Stun Server

While installing the latest version of XMeeting on my Mac a couple weeks ago, I started learning about stun servers. First, a reminder that XMeeting is the open source H.323 desktop videoconferencing software for the Mac. The new version allows … Continue reading

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Have You Thanked Your Favorite Content Provider Lately?

A few weeks ago, a teacher shared with me the student learning from a videoconference in January. She still remembers and the students keep talking about the videoconference they had with The Cleveland Museum of Art. So I forwarded it … Continue reading

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