Fall Professional Development

What kind of videoconference professional development opportunities are you giving to the teachers and schools you support this year?

I just got my forms and options listed online for my schools, so thought I’d share what I’m up to.

RUS Grant
We’re in the third year of our RUS grant implementation, and some schools are still working on meeting these requirements.

  • Each coordinator has to take two “long” classes through the course of the three years of the grant. They are graduate credit length classes. There are several options for them to meet this requirement.
  • At least four teachers (other than the coordinator) need to do some type of professional development about videoconferencing. This can be either the long or short courses, depending on the PD needs of the teachers in the school.
  • Each school building needs to participate (with at least two teachers in attendance) in at least one after school workshop about a topic other than videoconferencing. I’m really pleased with how some of our content area consultants have already planned their VC workshops without any reminding from me! There are a couple more that I’m hoping will offer something this year, but we have nice line-up already.

One new plan for this year is the Content Provider Showcases. Last year I didn’t do any content provider showcases and several of my schools were begging for them. They really want to be able to attend them at their school right after school. So I’m trying a new format.

  • Multipoint. I explained it to the content providers and as long as they know I’m bridging and will be moderating to keep the multipoint connection in order, they are ok with it.
  • Program, not overview. I’m also paying the content provider for a full program, so that instead of just a talking head about the programs they offer, we’ll actually experience what it’s like to participate in a program.
  • Prize drawing. Finally, I’m going to pay for three programs; so after we are done with the provider, we’ll do a drawing and give three programs away to the teachers who attended.

I’m really hoping this new format will generate interest and will remind teachers to pick their videoconferences for the year soon.

Online Classes
Finally, just a reminder that I’m still offering two online classes for integrating videoconferencing in the curriculum. These classes are open to schools outside of our area (indeed, most of my participants are not in our area). I’m willing to negotiate bulk discounts if you have several teachers who want to participate. Or if you’re rolling out a new implementation and would like coordinators in all your new schools trained, we can negotiate a price for a session just for your area. Let me know if you want to discuss further.

So, what are you doing for PD for your schools/teachers this year?

About Janine Lim

Janine Lim, PhD, currently serves as associate dean for online higher education in the School of Distance Education at Andrews University, in Berrien Springs, MI. She and her team support over 200 online courses, provide training for faculty teaching online, and work with the campus infrastructure support of online learning. Her department also provides educational technology and Moodle support for faculty and students. In addition, Janine is responsible for the faculty and courses of the Consortium of Adventist Colleges and Universities. Janine has taught over 15 unique graduate educational technology classes online numerous times over the past 15 years, with some classes attracting participants from all over the world. Her undergraduate teaching includes social media courses for communication and digital media majors. Janine has served on the board of the United States Distance Learning Association since April 2015. Prior to her work at Andrews University, Janine coordinated distance education for 22 K12 school districts in southwest Michigan for 14 years. In that position, as one of the co-founders of TWICE, Michigan’s K12 Videoconferencing Organization, Janine has spearheaded popular international K12 videoconference projects such as Read Around the Planet and MysteryQuest. While still serving on the board of TWICE, she was instrumental in designing and implementing the CAPspace website for collaborative videoconference projects. Janine also served on a team of Michigan educational technology trainers providing a workshop called ATA Technology Academy. Her current online learning research interests include successful teacher behaviors, quality online discussions, and student activity patterns in self-paced courses.
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3 Responses to Fall Professional Development

  1. Angela says:

    So, this year we are branching way out and trying to include all departments in the use of videoconferencing for professional development. We started today, our teacher’s first day back for the new school year, with a full day of programs that are generally delivered at each individual campus every year. You know those sessions: sexual harassment, email retention, blood borne pathogens, etc. We figured, why not have our expert deliver the instruction and be available to answer questions for all campuses at the same time? Our Superintendent delivered the first welcome back session and then it was a full day from there. We had great participation and I recorded each session and will make those archives available for absentees and new employees.

  2. Janine Lim says:

    Angela – that’s awesome! Thx for sharing! Did you collect any evaluation information? did you hear any stories or feedback about how people felt about getting it that way, and how the presenters felt about presenting that way?

  3. Janine – I haven’t collected anything formally, although some campuses did cheer out loud at the conclusion of the last session because all of their mandatory trainings had been completed in one day! All of the presenters (most first-timers) were pleased with the turnout and ease of use of the equipment. I was hesitant to make an evaluation form because of the business of this first week back and the fact that we are also implementing a new database and gradebook program this year, so everyone is already overwhelmed.

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