Day 11: Bridging the Implementation Gap

This week in the 20 Day Challenge to Better VC Projects, we will be talking about designing and managing projects for your teachers.

But first, let’s talk about why you should run projects for your teachers.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Have you ever been to one of these types of sessions at a conference or training?

  • 101 Best Tools for Teachers
  • 50 Tech Tips for Teachers
  • 200 Free Web Sites for Teachers
  • Templates for Collaborative VC Projects 🙂

The Implementation Gap

Besides a bunch of ideas, how does a regular busy teacher jump from “101 ideas” to actual use in the classroom? Have you noticed that it is difficult for teachers to integrate “ideas” to actual classroom use? What are some of the barriers that create a gap between idea and implementation? Time. Of course. What else? Think about it.

Bridge the Gap

Roxanne and I have discussed this problem often. One conclusion we’ve come to, is that teachers need assistance to bridge the gap. Designed projects (like Read Around the Planet, Monster Match, and MysteryQuest) can help a teacher bridge the gap. How so?

  • The idea is developed.
  • The materials are created.
  • A partner class is provided.
  • Correlations to required curriculum are completed.

So, this week, we challenge you to design and run your own project for your teachers. Tomorrow we’ll start with how to find an idea to morph into a project.

Your Turn

  • Do you see an implementation gap in your school?
  • What barriers are at the bottom of the gap in your situation?
  • Do you think designed projects that teachers can register for are a potential solution?

Please comment! We want to hear your voices during this challenge too!

If you are totally new to collaborative projects and/or would like step by step assistance making a collaborative project happen, from start to finish, sign up for Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections, a six week online course beginning January 25.


About Janine Lim

Janine Lim is an Instructional Technology Consultant at the Berrien Regional Education Service Agency in Berrien Springs, MI. Her main focus is on distance learning via videoconferencing and online learning. She also trains teachers in technology integration in the classroom and maintains the SouthwestNet Distance Learning web site. Janine is a past President of TWICE, a Michigan K12 videoconferencing organization, and maintains the TWICE website. She is also the TWICE Read Around the Planet Verification Coordinator for 2007. She also writes a regular column for the MACUL newsletter and was a member of the MACUL board of directors 2001-2003.
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