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Don’t Miss the ISTE SIG IVC Playground: Early Bird Reg Ends May 1

This year at the ISTE Conference there will be an interesting new playground: a videoconference playground, complete with pirates, treasure maps, and gold (chocolate)! The SIG IVC playground runs Wednesday morning from 9 am to 1 pm. Come search for … Continue reading

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HistoryQuest8: Sample Clues and Visuals

Yesterday and today we’ve had 5 sessions of HistoryQuest8: Civil War. Students are giving clues about people, events, inventions, documents, etc. from the Civil War, and trying to guess what everyone else has presented. We’re using the new short MysteryQuest … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget: Korean War

Today we had another Lest We Forget session with our Korean War veterans. We had high school classes from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas participating. Our panel members today were (l to r) Jim O’Malley, Redmond Sage, Al Rosinski, and Bill … Continue reading

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Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Do You Match?

Today we had another videoconference with a class in Wales, UK. This collaboration is a result of the Jazz workshop and is a spin-off of the Monster Match format. Both classes created teddy bears, wrote descriptions, and emailed them to … Continue reading

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Sign Up for Two Awesome ISTE Videoconference Workshops

It’s time to sign up for ISTE workshops! (Denver, June 27-30). I hope you are planning to attend the ISTE conference this year, as there is a great line up of videoconference related content (both standards based videoconferencing and Skype … Continue reading

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MacBeth High School Collaboration

Today I watched two classes interact in an amazing celebration of the study of Macbeth. Both classes had divided students into groups to prepare presentations and skits. We had a RAP, an mini-opera, as well as posters and skits. One … Continue reading

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MysteryQuest USA and HistoryQuest5 Movies

Last week’s spring break project was to create sample videos of three MysteryQuest format programs. Each video is 6-10 minutes long and has a sample from each section of the videoconference. It’s a great way to learn about how these … Continue reading

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The VC Continuum I Recommend to My Schools

As we end this week of talking about desktop VC, I thought it might be helpful for me to share the continuum of videoconferencing that I recommend to the schools in the two counties that I serve. This may be … Continue reading

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Thinking about Polycom CMA Desktop

This post continues the journey to figure out how to get videoconferencing in the 21st century classrooms in our county. Remember my original vision from 2008 as well. The other tool that is really catching my attention is Polycom’s CMA … Continue reading

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Conflicting Thoughts About Desktop VC in the Classroom

I have to say that I’m still conflicted about this desktop VC thing – trying to get desktop videoconferencing to work on an interactive whiteboard installation. HD Large Monitor After the installation of the LifeSize cart last week, I keep … Continue reading

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