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An Appeal for the K12 IVC Listserv

Take a step back with me, and consider the history of videoconference listservs, and the current state of listservs for videoconferencing. Bottom line: Get on the K12 IVC Listserv! Here’s why… Listserv History For the last decade or so, we’ve … Continue reading

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Reading with Mrs. Claus

“Good morning, boys and girls!” Mrs. Claus welcomes the students after they dial in for a visit. All the students sit up straighter and wonder fills their faces! It’s our annual Mrs. Claus week, and we have 54 classes talking … Continue reading

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Does Rescheduling Drive You Crazy?

I’m literally snowed under with the rescheduling of Holiday Hoopla videoconferences! Have you ever had so many calls get canceled? Then all of a sudden your email explodes with information about rescheduling, and it drives you nuts to make sense … Continue reading

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Services I Offer My Schools

Since my visit to another county last week, I’ve been reflecting anew on our videoconferencing program. Today I thought I would share a list of the videoconferencing services that I provide to our schools. Technical These services are included in … Continue reading

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Snow Day Etiquette

Yay! Today we have a snow day! But, I had five Holiday Hoopla videoconferences and 1 Cleveland Zoo program today. As I’m thinking about those, I thought it would be good for another post on Snow Day Etiquette! Warn. If … Continue reading

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Kicking Off Videoconferencing in Your Area

On Wednesday this week, I had the privilege of talking to a group of media specialists from a county in Michigan that has very little access to videoconferencing. We started brainstorming ways they could get access to standards-based videoconferencing, and … Continue reading

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New Read Around the Planet Packets

Note: This post is written from my role as a member of the TWICE CAPspace and Read Around the Planet Committee. Are you participating in Read Around the Planet this year? Have you participated in the past? Either way, be … Continue reading

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