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“One Technology Girl” No Longer

Today is my last day at Berrien RESA as an Instructional Technology Consultant. I have accepted a position as Associate Dean for Higher Education in the School of Distance Education at Andrews University (also here in Berrien Springs, MI) starting … Continue reading

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Videoconference Playground at ISTE

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Video conference Playground at the ISTE 2011 Conference. For those of you who missed this amazing event, here are a few resources you should review! The Video conference Playground Wiki: Check out the list of … Continue reading

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Thanking my Pirate Helpers

I had over 100 participants in my ISTE Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) session on CAPspace today (Collaborations Around the Planet). Great attendance, but wow, what a lot of people! I knew I couldn’t handle it myself, with all the … Continue reading

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Collaborations Around the Planet: Social Networking for Educational Videoconferencing

Links for today’s ISTE Bring Your Own Laptop workshop: Collaborations Around the Planet / CAPspace TWICE Polycom (sponsor of CAPspace) More about standards-based videoconferencing: VC Continuum Videoconference Playground, Wednesday 9 – 1 pm, 2nd floor bridge area BYOL Workshop Evaluation … Continue reading

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Designing Quality Videoconference Projects

ISTE workshop this morning! Here are links and resources Roxanne Glaser and I are using in the workshop: Our Websites Berrien RESA Distance Learning Whirlidurb Research Top Teachers Research Skype Resources VC Out on a Lim Skype Resources Around … Continue reading

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The Problem with Free

As you know, I keep processing Skype vs. H.323 and other ramifications and changes in the videoconference world. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how stable and sustainable a videoconference cart is. Our Polycom Viewstations from 1999 are for … Continue reading

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Board Meetings via Videoconference

The TWICE board has been meeting over videoconference since we started in 2001. The “Jazz workshop” leadership have always met over videoconferencing since it started in 2005. So it’s a little amusing to me to read articles like this one … Continue reading

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