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A Poem About an Author Videoconference

At the SIG IVC Forum on Sunday at NECC 2008, people shared their programs in quick 4 minute presentations. This one is a poem by Sue Porter telling about the Polycom Special Events with blind author Jim Stovall. If the … Continue reading

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ASK Author: The Ultimate Gift

This afternoon we have several classes participating in two sessions of ASK with author Jim Stovall on his book The Ultimate Gift. The students have prepared using the ASK process. This program is one of the Polycom Special Events, with … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes in Mrs’ Claus’ Studio

The last three days we’ve had 41 sessions with 1,134 students connect to Mrs. Claus to hear a story read and to ask her some questions. I thought you might like a little peek behind the scenes. We had several … Continue reading

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Geography I Spy

Today we have the last session in a series of Geography I Spy programs. We copied this idea from Paul Hieronymous. Paul even VCed with us to help us get this program going. Kevin starts the session zooming in on … Continue reading

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Interviewing State Representative John Proos

This morning we have several local 5th grade classes connected to John Proos, one of our local state representatives. The teachers and students have prepared questions ahead of time, particularly to bring out answers related to what they are studying. … Continue reading

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Interesting Characters to VC With

So, who could your students talk to today? There are some really creative ideas floating around on the vc blogosphere! How about Mrs. Dewey Decimal? Yeah for library skills, Joan! Mrs. Claus is popular with the K-2 crowd every year. … Continue reading

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Polycom Special Events

Polycom is offering a set of free special events this year. You can read about all the details and register here. These are offered through a partnership with Berrien County ISD (for registration) and Macomb ISD (for bridging). Here is … Continue reading

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Constitution Day

For the last couple of years, I’ve been wishing I could pull together a program for our schools on Constitution Day. But the school year starts so quickly. It’s difficult to arrange something. However, this year, when I emailed Don … Continue reading

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First High Profile VC of the Year

This afternoon we had our first high profile videoconference of the year. (Last week’s first student VC was with the Camden Children’s Garden. ) Juniors and seniors around the state videoconferenced with Governor Granholm to learn about the Michigan Promise … Continue reading

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This & That

Here’s a collection of notes & thoughts…. I’m about halfway through listening to the whole interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D Conference last week. It’s great evening entertainment for those interested in technology. I caught a … Continue reading

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