Janine Lim, PhD
Twitter: outonalim

Videoconferencing Out on a Lim is about one distance learning coordinator’s experiences, curriculum thoughts, and technology rants related to k12 videoconferencing, mostly H323 videoconferencing. I coordinate videoconferencing for 18 school districts in southwest Michigan. We have 70 Polycom units and we also have Tandberg infrastructure (MPS, Gateway, Gatekeeper and TMS). We’ve been doing videoconferencing since 1999. You can read about our videoconferencing program online.

Disclosure: The opinions on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer, Berrien RESA.

Why videoconferencing out on a lim? It’s a play on my name (Janine Lim).

I have a teaching background and bring that curriculum knowledge to videoconferencing. This background helps me look at VC from the teacher’s perspective. From that perspective, I’ve created several tools that are useful for assisting teachers with finding quality VC content. For example, one tool is the annual “Two Page Selected List”… I do two versions – one for my local teachers posted on my videoconferencing website and including information on how my teachers register with me for VCs – and one for everyone else to use posted on the TWICE website (look in the top right column).

In addition, I have a knack and love for learning new technologies so I am also the “techie” for our distance learning program. I run our MCU bridge; assist our local distance learning coordinators with using their Polycoms, and interact with our network guys on the issues related to IP videoconferencing. All this I’ve learned as it has come my way – from colleagues, from our wonderful SBC helpdesk, from VTCTalk.com and any other source I can find from which to learn! So in my blog, I also comment on the technical side of videoconferencing

I also a founder and board member of TWICE. TWICE stands for Two Way Interactive Connections in Education. TWICE is Michigan’s videoconferencing organization. We started in 2001 when several of us, mostly at the ISD level (Michigan educational service agency term), decided we ought to be collaborating and sharing great resources.

So, come back often and see what I’m learning, creating, or thinking about related to videoconferencing in k12 education!

Links to Some of My Projects

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  2. BJ Wesy says:

    What a great blog site. I am new to selling video conferencing solutions, and this is full of great info. My blog needs some work compared to yours!! Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    I am an emergency doc in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but did my training at William Beaumont in Royal Oak/Detroit. I am working with a web based videoconferencing company to help patients (especially kids) stay connected to loved ones while in our hospital. They really have a cool service but they are small and are having a hard time getting attention. The founders are both former teachers and have a great story. Would you be able to exchange some emails to discuss how they might get their name out there? I am really encouraged by what they are doing and want to see them thrive.
    Ryan Sundermann M.D.
    St Luke’s Hospital
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  4. Hello! Only have had a glance around your site thus far, but it looks like you have a lot of great content about video conferencing in the Education world. One question — I was wondering how you settled upon Polycom and Tandberg as your VC systems of choice? What other systems did you look at in making your decision? Full disclosure: I am an employee at LifeSize Communications. I am not trying to sell to you or anything; I really want to know what a professional in the education industry would like to see in their systems. Price? Quality? Ease-of-use? Thanks!


    • Janine Lim says:

      Hi Sarah, when we started with VC, LifeSize didn’t exist! But we are keeping an eye on what you offer and may soon have some LifeSize systems as well…. Thanks for your comment.


      • We are a relative youngin! Hope we can help you out in the future in reducing your overall costs. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Although I don’t know if I can handle the cuteness overload with those little kids…Those Dr. Suess hats are too ridiculous! lol.


  5. Donn Ingels says:

    I enjoy reading all the terrific posts and video conferencing information on your site. Video conferencing that can auto navigate H323 & SIP, as well as work with both desktop (PC-MAC) and room systems has been the industry’s challenge.
    Louisiana State University (LSU) recently rolled out Mirial across the campus, to all departments, and to the students for the reasons below:
    -Open-standards based
    -Operates on both PC’s and MAC’s
    -Simple for users (increased adoption), simple to implement, simple to support
    -Complete interoperability w/all manufacturers
    -Works well for online and class room learning
    Mirial Link:
    Will continue to check out your postings!

  6. Donn Ingels says:

    Hi Janine.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I really think that a ClearSea solution would work very well for you. Please note the link to the paper on the “turn-key” ClearSea approach sold by the “port”. This is the most economical method to deploy and manage 1000’s of client desktops. Especially with educational discounts starting at 26 ports. You could could implement a ClearSea educational solution for less than $50 a desktop – a one-time fee.

    Click to access DesktopVideoConferencing.pdf

    Please let me know if I can help you in any way.
    Thanks again for the conversation. Donn

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