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Reflecting on MysteryQuests Over a Decade

As I’ve finished up the MysteryQuest USA and HistoryQuest5 sessions this spring, I’ve been thinking about how our experiences with the MysteryQuests have changed over the years. With Learning Space in 2000-2004 Our early experiences with this were with the … Continue reading

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MysteryQuest World Geography and Visuals

This week I have several classes participating in MysteryQuest World Geography. We’ve been facilitating this program since 2002, and it’s always fun to see what the students come up with for their presentations. This week we’ve had fun costumes, interesting … Continue reading

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HistoryQuest5: Beginnings to 1800

This week we’ve had several sessions of HistoryQuest5, another MysteryQuest-like format. Last year we tried this out with 2 sessions only; and this year we’ve expanded to 5 sessions. Classes began by sharing 5 clues on mystery people, events, documents, … Continue reading

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MysteryQuest USA: The Potential of Ed Tech Funding

Today ISTE and the EdTech Action Network are leading a campaign to support federal funding of educational technology (EETT). So, what specifically, do educational technology dollars do in schools? One example of the power of educational technology for student learning … Continue reading

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HistoryQuest8: Sample Clues and Visuals

Yesterday and today we’ve had 5 sessions of HistoryQuest8: Civil War. Students are giving clues about people, events, inventions, documents, etc. from the Civil War, and trying to guess what everyone else has presented. We’re using the new short MysteryQuest … Continue reading

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MysteryQuest USA and HistoryQuest5 Movies

Last week’s spring break project was to create sample videos of three MysteryQuest format programs. Each video is 6-10 minutes long and has a sample from each section of the videoconference. It’s a great way to learn about how these … Continue reading

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Time to Register for Spring Quests

Registration is open for the spring “quest” events. You’ll need verified equipment in CAPspace to register. I can walk you through it quickly if needed. Just email me. Click the project links to visit the wiki with all the preparation … Continue reading

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