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New Skype Resource

Just added this resource to my Skype resource page: Classroom Videoconferencing by Digitally Speaking. There are some great tools and checklists. Important questions to think of ahead of time… Check it out!

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Global Explorers: VC in the K-3 Classroom

Check out this Global Exploreres wiki on using Skype and H323 videoconferencing in the classroom. Nice overview of VC in the K-3 classroom along with neat projects!

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Thinking About Differentiated Instruction Within Jazz

Recently I’ve been reading about Differentiated Instruction. It’s one of those things that I hear alot about, but needed to really learn so I can connect my instructional technology practice to the current pedagogical practices teachers are learning. So, I … Continue reading

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Skype in the Classroom

Here’s an interesting article on Skype in the Classroom in the School Library Journal. My question is, who is writing articles on H323 videoconferencing for this journal? They need to know about ASK!!

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Lit Review: Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Lit Review: This is a post in a series focusing on the research studies on videoconferencing. Arnold, T., Cayley, S., & Griffith, M. (2004). Videoconferencing in the classroom: Communications technology across the curriculum. In T. Arnold (Eds.). Available from reading

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Is videoconferencing “enrichment”?

I just finished reading Eric Jensen’s book, Enriching the Brain: How to Maximize Every Learner’s Potential. Eric Jensen is a leading educator in the area of applying neuroscience research to practical classroom applications. As I read, I kept reconsidering my … Continue reading

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Using VC for Homebound Students

Here’s an interesting article published in Feb/March. Did you read it? A Healthy Education Videoconferencing allows a Florida boy with an immune system deficiency to attend school for the first time. Kevin O’Connell is a typical third grader at Spring … Continue reading

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K12 VC Learning Theory

I like to see what search terms people type in that get to my blog. Often I learn about new resources and tools that way. For example, someone found my blog with the search “k12 videoconference learning theory” so I … Continue reading

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Overcoming Teacher Tech Phobia

Here’s a great article from Techlearning that I stumbled across recently: Three Steps to Eliminating Teacher Tech Phobia. While the article is focused generally on technology and mostly on Internet resources, the principles and concepts can be applied to videoconferencing … Continue reading

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VC is Green

Have you thought about how using videoconferencing for meetings instead of driving makes a positive impact on the environment? TANDBERG has just released a website called SeeGreenNow that lets you calculate your carbon footprint from travel, take a quiz to … Continue reading

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