What is Janine up to now!? Are you trying to find a resource or event that I’m involved in? Here’s an almost exhaustive (exhausting?) list. I say almost because I might have forgotten a link.

Berrien RESA

Videoconference Projects and Events

Workshops & Online Classes

Resources, Handouts, etc.

I’m also on the board of TWICE and am involved in these things too.

3 Responses to Projects

  1. Cathryn says:

    I represent an Adult Learning Community and we are looking for adult learning content of almost any kind that we can present at our facility through the medium of video conferencing. If you know of any content that is appropriate for adults and not geared towards k-12 would be greatly appreciated.

    • Janine Lim says:

      Cathryn, I’m not really sure. I don’t know of any sites that collect that information. However, I’m sure that all the zoos, museums, and other organizations that offer content would be happy to tailor their programs or even create new ones for adults. I have heard before that more of them are connecting to adults and retirement communities. And I’m sure that all the ideas we have for K12 can be “upgraded” for adults. Good luck with your work!

    • Tracy says:


      I realize your post is quite old, but there are websites out there that have “Adult Learners” as one of the age levels that a program can be geared towards. This category is specifically listed for Assisted Living and Nursing Home type facilities. I work for a content provider and some of the programs we offer are listed as “Adult Learner” programs. Also, most content providers will adjust their program for your group.

      If you are interested in the website, please email me and I will send it to you.



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