The following list shows the presentations and workshops I offer on videoconferencing.

Designing Quality Videoconference Projects (Best of NECC 2007-2008)
Do you want to use videoconferencing to enhance and enrich your curriculum? Collaborative projects are a free, interactive, curriculum-based method for integrating videoconferencing in your curriculum. Come learn about tools and resources that can help you design and implement quality collaborations.

The Power of Collaboration
Break down the walls of your classroom, school, or organization and collaborate. Why? The benefits in engaging learning experiences for your students and staff. Collaborate with students, other teachers, another whole school, or across regions. Video clips of examples will inspire your next collaboration.

Bringing the World to Your Classroom
Break down the walls of your classroom and bring global engaging learning experiences to your students. Learn about powerful collaborative projects and quality programs from zoos and museums available to meet your curriculum standards.

Enriching Your Curriculum with Interactive Videoconferencing
Learn many exciting educational opportunities available via video conferencing. See how to use the Internet to find out about the programs available correlated to your curriculum. Learn about the many places that offer educational programs for K-12 schools.

Selecting a Videoconference Program
This workshop is best for teachers who know what videoconferencing is but aren’t sure what program to choose. If you want to increase videoconferencing use in your building, this is a good choice. Staff meet with me by grade level and/or content area. Teachers share units or themes they’d like to integrate videoconferencing into and I’ll help them choose a good program that matches their curriculum. Arrangements can be made to find programs within a certain budget amount if necessary.

Read Around the Planet and Other Collaborations
The more people you know, the more videoconferences you can do! Come learn about Read Around the Planet, an international videoconference project. Learn about CAPspace, a tool for managing videoconference projects and relationships and the many templates and lesson formats that can be used for K-12 videoconference collaborations.

Share and Hear Stories of Read Around the Planet
Did you participate in Read Around the Planet this year? Come share your stories. Want to learn about Read Around the Planet? Hear stories from those who participated. Learn about other ways you can use the Collaborations Around the Planet website.

Collaborations Around the Planet
The more people you know, the more videoconferences you can do! Come learn about CAPspace, created by TWICE in partnership with Polycom, a tool for managing videoconference projects and relationships. See what’s new in CAPspace, and learn about Read Around the Planet and other projects in CAPspace.

Maximizing Your Use of CAPspace
“CAPspace” or Collaborations Around the Planet is a social network for videoconferencing projects. Are you taking advantage of all the features? Learn how you can use CAPspace to bring more collaborative experiences to your students.

Instructional Strategies That Work with Videoconferencing
Integrate the McREL and Marzano research on classroom instruction that works with your curriculum videoconferencing. Improve the learning quality in your collaborative projects.

Inspiring Teachers’ Use of Curriculum Videoconferencing: What Works
Teachers are the most important key to implementing any new technology innovation. So how to do you hook teachers on curriculum videoconferencing?  Learn what works in southwest Michigan and apply these principles to your own school.

Increasing Use of Curriculum Videoconferencing: Recent International Research
Do you want to increase your school’s use of videoconferencing in the curriculum? Are you aware of all the potential benefits of bringing authors, experts, and global peers into your classroom via videoconferencing? So what key factors are important in your implementation of videoconferencing? Come find out!

Around the World in 80 Clicks
Skype is an easy, simple to use desktop videoconferencing application that educators are using to connect students to the world. Short, engaging interactions provide exposure to people, places, and data from around the world. Come learn how to use Skype to bring 21st century learning to your classroom.

Standards-Based Videoconferencing vs. Skype: The Showdown
Which is better? LifeSize/Polycom/Tandberg or Skype? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of videoconference technology? What are the appropriate educational uses of each? Come join in a lively discussion of the different types of videoconferencing tools and their uses in enriching K12 education.

Online Courses

Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections (5 hrs/week for 4 weeks)
Wondering how to integrate interactive video conference technology in your curriculum? This introduction to videoconferencing in the classroom provides an overview of the resources and tools to help you use videoconferencing in your curriculum. Designed for teachers and videoconference coordinators, you’ll network with participants, and learn about exciting sources of content and collaborative projects to engage your students.

21st Century Communication Collaborations (5 hrs/week for 6 weeks)
Videoconference (VC) connections between classes open up a whole new world of collaborative learning for students! Immerse yourself in videoconference connections with partner classes. Learn about structures/templates for projects with other classes and implement them with your students and a partner classroom. During the class you’ll reflect on exemplary student-to-student projects, receive support during your own project connection(s), and apply your learning in your classroom.

Supporting Teachers’ Use of Videoconferencing (5 hrs/week for 4 weeks)
Supporting videoconferencing in your school is critical to the successful use of your videoconference system. Discover how to bring authors, experts, scientists, and global peers to the classroom to enhance student engagement. Learn about the resources available and tips for scheduling and managing the videoconferences. Strategies for encouraging teachers to use videoconferencing will be shared. Network with other VC coordinators and practice with the technology. This course is addressed to anyone who is the champion for videoconference in their school, district, or service area.

Short Bio for Presentations

Janine Lim has been coordinating videoconferencing for 22 school districts in southwest Michigan since 1999. One of the co-founders of TWICE, Janine has spearheaded popular projects such as Read Around the Planet. Janine teaches two popular online class for using videoconferencing which have attracted participants from all over the world. Committed to promoting quality VC educational experiences, Janine writes a regular blog sharing experiences, curriculum thoughts, new resources, and technology comments related to K12 videoconferencing.

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